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Sunday, September 20, 2009

And The Winner Is...


Cargo Blush Contest#12

Congratulations to Cindeee who won my Cargo Blush contest!

You have been emailed.


How The Winner Was Chosen
I simply input the number of contestants that entered (13) on and the number that appeared (12) was the winner. No cheats in this game!


I forgot to do this with my last contest but I took pictures of how the package looks pre-mailed. Because we all know what it'll look like once Cindeee actually gets it. A huge postal sticker with a bar code, the corners will probably be dented and I won't be surprised if all the ribbon was gone. Plus it looks cute! -=P

Paparazzi Skin Contest
Paparazzi Skin Contest

Thank you everyone once again for participating. There will be bigger and better contests in the future! Until then, flashing lights are still coming because the paparazzi is after your skin.

P.S. Loved Gaga's MTV performance.

Sunday Tip: Concealer Is Not For Zits


According to makeup guru Bobbi Brown, concealer is not for zits. Concealer is lighter than skin tone and should be used on dark under-eye circles and at the dark inner corner of the eye. Putting concealer on zits will draw more attention to them because it will make them look too light.

Monday, September 7, 2009



Cargo Blush
It's time to hit the books and to lighten up someone's mood, I'm giving away a CARGO blush.

CARGO blushes contain:
Silica — An oil replacement that gives our blush a long wearing, silky, blendable and layerable texture for foolproof application every time.

Aloe Vera — Extracted from the aloe plant, Aloe Vera offers soothing hydration to the skin and is particularly good for sensitive skin.

Vitamin E — An anti oxidant and skin conditioner that helps fight the damaging effects of radicals and repair minor damage found on the skin.

All you have to do is:
1. Be a follower
2. Leave a comment

and voila, you're entered.

The winner will be chosen at random (using and will be contacted by me via email.

The contest starts today (Monday September 7, 09) and will close on September 20, 09. The winner will be announced on Monday September 21, 2009.

Good luck, everyone!
& Thank you for participating.

Have fun at school


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hide Those Bags Under Your Eyes


As a night crawler, I'm bound to have heavy black bags under my eyes. Sometimes when I try to cover them up with foundation, it suddenly looks darker. Do you get that? Anyway, instead of covering them up, get rid of them!

1. Find eye creams with vitamin K. They are used by cosmetic surgeons because it prevents bruising, peptides and/or kinetin.

2. Wrap grated raw potato in cheesecloth or slice a kiwi. Lie down, and apply to eye area for 15 minutes. Pat dry.

Do you have any remedies that help decrease the appearance of under eye bags?

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