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Monday, July 13, 2009

OT: How To Make Your Own Makeup Brush Cleanser

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A bit off-topic but since I was browsing around for a tutorial on how to make your own makeup brush cleanser, I decided to share my results! I used EnKore's tutorial (below) and he did a fabulous job explaining what each product does for your brushes. Overall, this did a great job of cleaning my brushes and it can all be made with house hold products!

Make Your Own Makeup Brush Cleanser

1. 1/2 table spoon of dish washing soap
2. 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
3. 1/2 table spoon of hair shampoo
4. 1 table spoon of spray leave-on condition (water-like)
5. 1 cup of filtered water

1. Plastic container
2. Something to mix your cleanser (I used a chop stick)
3. Bottle to hold your finished cleanser

Cleanser for Makeup Brushes - The Results!

My shampoo and spray leave-in condition are peachy-orange so this was the result. I didn't follow the measurements exactly; I just estimated and it still worked great nonetheless. However, the rubbing alcohol smell does prevail so don't sniff it.

Cleanser for Makeup Brushes - The Results!

Cleanser for Makeup Brushes - The Results!


Anonymous said...

hey babe thanks for your comments

an easier way to clean your brushes is just by using Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo!! I use it and it's amazing! Turns my dirty MAC brushes (especially my 187 & 217) back to pure white <3

It's also really cheap, you should try it sometime! :)

Jae said...

Thanks for your comment, I'll try it out sometime!

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