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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Sunday Tip: Wipe Down Your Cellphones

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I always talk on the phone with my left ear and occasionally a few pimples would pop up here and there on my left cheek. If you break out more on one side of your face than the other, it may be because of your phone usage.

Cell phones accumulate bacteria (where we put them, hands touching them, etc) so it's best to wipe your cell phone with an antibacterial cleanser on a regular basis.

Did you know that your cell phone has more germs than your toilet?

You wouldn't splash toilet water on your face would you? Wipe those cell phones down!


Sugar said...

Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog <3
btw, I am your new follower! :)

Jae said...

Thanks for the follow!

Cynthia said...

eww! you're so right about this! Thanks for the heads up!

Btw, I saw your comment on my blog - and I LOVEE FIX YOU too!!! That's my number one FAVVVV


Puff said...

I'm wiping mine now, with cleaner! Usually I only to a quick wipe with a tissue but we should take no chances....

Jae said...

Cynthia: I can't wait to see Chris Martin on the Simpsons!

Puff: I'm a total germaphobe. Better safe than sorry, right? Hahahaa!

best cellulite cream said...

Couldn't agree more... Better start cleaning my phone regularly. :D

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