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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chocolate and Your Skin

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Chocolate and Your Skin - Picture from WaxNakedCom on Flickr

I am a chocolate feen. I eat out of a jar of Nutella - yes, I'm that disgusting. Remember that acne commercial back in middle school that pretty much linked chocolate to bad skin? Some people say I eat too many chocolate bars or that I don't wash my face... But that didn't scare me, I still ate chocolate anyway. I love chocolate and it's about time I shed light on the real deal behind chocolate and the skin.

I saw a book today and the title was: Why Red Wine and Chocolate Will Cure Your Heart. Okay, I got the red wine part down, now let's see the benefits of chocolate.

The good news: There is no evidence that chocolate triggers blemishes.

Cocoa actually contains more antioxidants per cup than red wine or green tea and if you really want to head down to the healthy route with chocolate, eat them dark. Dark chocolate protects the skin from UV light and therefore, fights aging.

It also has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system and helps your body recover after a hard workout. In a recent study, people who drank chocolate milk between workouts scored better on fatigue and endurance tests than those who had sports drinks.

The antioxidants in cocoa are known as flavanols, which increase blood flow and prevent cell damage and inflammation.

What does seem to cause acne are diets heavy in high-glycemic foods—including highly refined carbs like white bread, pasta and potatoes, as well as sweets like doughnuts and jelly beans.

So eat up, my chocolate feens, but skip the bread.


Uinisan said...

it's great to know about the positive active ingredients of chocolate on our skin...coz all we get told is how it's fattening for us bleh~~~ funny that... I recently did a post on vitamins and your skin!!! ahahahahah...
In HK I was given this chocolate mask from some japanese brand and never tried it but instead gave it to a friend as I thought it was too weird... coz it really did smell like chocolate hahaahahah... But I may have to ask her if it worked for her heheheehe Thanks for the heads up on CHOCOLATE!!!!

Jae said...

Haha, I think I would end up eating that chocolate mask! :S I wonder what would happen if I used Nutella and rubbed it on myself - would that work, too?

Definitely let me know if it worked for your friend! Or if she ate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yummm chocolateee.. Hey I confess, I eat nutella right out of the jar too! It's so good hahaha!

Pop Champagne said...

neat! I'm sure coca itself isn't bad, it's prob all the junk they put into chocolate bar that messes up my skin :S I dunno I'm so prone to breaking out when I eat chocolate whoppers (and just whoppers too! no other chocolate) even though I LOVEEE whoppers.... And yeah I eat it out of a jar too ;) I also eat ice cream out of a tub with a spoon HAHAHA shhhhh!!

-elle♡ said...

mmmm chocolate. i love anything choco and FERREO<3 ferreo rocher is the besttt

Jae said...

Natalie, glad that I'm not the only one! Walmart carries a Nutella wannabe and it doesn't even taste the same.

Julie, sometimes I think it's the oil from the chocolate itself - that's another article! Oh my, I eat ice cream otu of a tub, too. I am craving for some green tea ice cream right nowwww. DROOLS

Elle, I love ferrero, as well, especially since the chocolate center tastes like Nutella - no, no? :P

ILoveChocolateee! said...

Yay for chocolate! ^_^
Now that I know chocolate is good for you *goes look for some chocolate to eat*

Pop Champagne said...

HAHAHA OMG the pic that you send me of Madonna's arm is DISGUSTING. wow it's even worst than Sarah Jessica Parker's... gosh. Ugh! Love it though thanks for the link hehe

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I wanna try that:)

Kym said...

oooo lala, i like this post. hahaha! i love chocolate, especially nutella (dont know if you saw my post about nutella cookies) *drooools*

Jae said...

Kim, I made Nutella macarons before and it was so good. I bet anything made from Nutella is amazing

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